Pre Employment Medical Test – All You Need To Know

Are you scheduled for a pre-employment medical test? Congratulations – this is usually one of the last steps in the recruitment process, so you must be doing pretty well. Secondly, don’t stress. We’ve got your questions covered.

It is normal for candidates to be overly worried about failing the pre-employment medical examination.

Employers cannot, and do not, exclude people because of this. Many workers have sprains and strains and work in a physical role. What the medical practitioner is looking for is to see that there was an appropriate rehabilitation from the injury, and to explore whether there are any ongoing risks that need to be managed in the workplace.

Some jobs do have medical standards that must be adhered to and are very prescriptive with regards to certain medical conditions – ask the hiring manager beforehand if you are unsure about anything.

Only health aspects that relate to the specific requirements of the job may be considered.

An employer cannot refuse to employ a person on the basis of a medical test that discloses a disability that is unrelated to the adequate performance of the job.

Depending on the results of the test, an employer may need to consider making reasonable adjustments to the workplace to support the person to do the job.

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