Which Are The Tests Are Included In The Corporate Health Check-up

What is a corporate health check up? The corporate health check-up (also known as corporate wellness program) is a set of comprehensive tests that can be performed to analyse the physical, mental and emotional state of an individual worker.

This corporate health care program allows companies to assess the health of their employees, identify potential health risks and take preventive measures.

The corporate health check-up usually includes different tests, such as:

  • Physical examination: This test allows you to check the general state of your health, by measuring your blood pressure, weight, height and other parameters.
  • Blood tests: To check the health of your heart, kidneys and liver, as well as to rule out any blood-borne diseases such as HIV. In addition, the corporate health check-up can include a urine test or a test for drugs or alcohol consumption.
  • Psychological tests: These tests allow us to detect emotional problems, stress levels and mental abilities. For example, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a popular psychological test that can be used in corporate health check-ups.
  • Vision tests: To check for vision problems and to prescribe corrective lenses if needed.
  • Dental examination: To check for dental problems and to recommend proper dental care.

The corporate health check-up is usually performed by a corporate doctor, who is responsible for recommending corrective measures if needed. These recommendations can include an early retirement due to mental illness or the implementation of particular corporate programs such as stress management training.

The corporate doctor has to keep all information about the results and consultations in strict confidentiality.

The doctor consultation will include a physical examination and free counseling.