Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

To make the Transport Industry safer, healthier and ensure there is firsthand support available to all.

To create a national non-profit charitable foundation for the transport industry which will support transport personnel and their families.

To enhance the quality of life for members of the transport industry community, especially those who are suffering or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Assist in educational needs of children who would otherwise be deprived of opportunity due to family hardship, following unforeseen circumstances within the transport industry.

Respond to all people associated with the transport industry who are in need, regardless of race, religion, national origin or social position.

Cooperate with people and organisations from all cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds within the industry in our efforts to bring relief to those in need.

To maintain our  "Transport Trust Fund"

Our Purpose

We are a not-for-profit organisation contributing to the safety and wellbeing of the Transport Industry.  We provide counselling and support to people affected by the side effects of the industry and address the many masked underlying issues through education and advocating.
Our Values

We are dedicated to serving our clients with compassion and empathy.

Our focus is on the people we serve, and we strive for excellence in service delivery, evaluation and continuous improvement.

We are accountable to our actions in working to deliver our services and our mission.

We display integrity, respect and dignity in all our dealings with clients, stakeholders and associates of the transport industry on all levels.

Object of the Foundation

The Foundation’s predominant purpose is to provide and advocate health, wellbeing and support to transport personnel and their families affected by health issues, emergencies, accidents and various forms of crisis through a national support service and mobile health units and ongoing support for the bereaved including memorials.

Our Mission

“The Trans-Help Foundation intends to continue to raise funds and support for people within the Transport Industry, including their families. "

The following Objectives as agreed by the Trans-Help Foundation Board are...

(1) Liaise and negotiate with government departments on a State and Federal level.

(2) Sustain and develop further the current road safety awareness programs.

(3) Evaluate and disseminate examples of best practice in fundraising.

(4) Encourage all road users to adopt safe driving initiatives and respect other drivers.

(5) Support our Sponsors.

Our Values:

To achieve our Objectives, we must:

Be honest in all dealings.

Act with integrity and compassion.

Work as a team.

Take responsibility.

Respect new ideas.

Respect each other.

Respect the families

Respect our Sponsors and supporters.

Encourage sensitivity to the needs and values of others and a respect for individual and group differences.

Work toward constructive change.

Trans-Help Foundation Ltd is our Registered Charity name since 2005, and has been incorporated and known as Trans-Help Foundation  and/or Trans-Help.