In Memory Funeral Gift

When someone close to us dies, we experience grief, sadness and, ultimately, an appreciation of all memories we have of that special person.

A Memorial Donation to the Trans-Help Foundation  is a thoughtful way to remember someone, and at the same time help to assist those who remain. 

  • Letter Expressing Condolences and Appreciation: The next of kin/nearest family member of the person who has died is sent a letter expressing condolences and special thanks to the names of all those who kindly make memorial donations (the dollar amount is not mentioned).
  • Receipts for All: Everyone who makes a memorial donation and supplies their postal address is sent a letter of thanks.
  • Special Envelope: Funeral Directors can request memorial envelopes on behalf of the family for where memorial donations are requested by the family at a funeral.

To make a Memorial Donation in honour of a loved one:
For your convenience, if you are unable to attend the funeral of someone, where the family have requested donations to the Trans-Help Foundation in lieu of flowers, you can download a memorial giving form and post. There is a provision to write your special words of condolences, which will be forwarded to the family.