Your Company Health Assessment

For a small donation, our Mobile Health Units can attend your depot for an “Onsite Company Health Assessment” . This is an excellent way for you to fine tune the health of your company, not only the drivers but also management, office and depot staff, especially with the introduction of CoR

We are flexible on the times we attend as we do understand the industry and the need for flexibility.All companies will receive a pack of brochures and emergency wallet cards to distribute to their drivers.

On completion of the attendance the company has option to be provided with an overview of the results, whilst the participants can be guaranteed of privacy and confidentiality. Sample of Onsite Company Health Assessment can be downloaded here (Cost $200)

For a health unit to attend a booking would be required, with a minimum booking fee of $200 donation, full details on the booking form.

To order resources or book for the Health Unit to attend your depot, please download the booking form here.