GP2U Partners Trans-Help bringing Drs to you.

GP2U Telehealth, specialists in providing online video consultations for those in need of flexible access to healthcare, has announced a new partnership with National Transport Support Services charity, the Trans-Help Foundation. The venture will provide truckies with immediate access to doctors via video conference.

Trans-Help already has a number of health units traversing the main roadways across Australia, providing free nurse led check-ups to truckies, with the aim of making Australia’s roads the safest in the world.

GP2U will now be assisting the work of the Trans-Help staff by providing telehealth consultations direct to drivers, wherever they may be.

This innovation will allow drivers, when referred by the Health Unit staff, to speak directly to a GP or even a Specialist, and is designed to both improve access to healthcare services and get more truckies to think about looking after their health and wellbeing.



HV Road Trauma and Support Booklet

Trans-Help issues new edition of self-help guide

Trans-Help Foundation has released a revised version of a self-help guide that is more user-friendly. The booklet includes tips and advice for drivers when dealing with stress and road trauma. The original version was released two years ago.

"We actually send it out to companies and we also give it to the police to pass on to the driver and we recommend it through the social media so if we pick up on a driver that’s been suffering stress or road trauma we forward the booklet to them."

Many drivers have successfully been able to use this guide to help themselves without being embarrassed about asking for help

Download the Booklet Here



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