What Is A Corporate Health Checkup

Getting corporate employees to participate in corporate wellness programs is no easy task. Employees are often too busy with work and personal affairs to take time out for their own health.

However, corporate health plan initiatives can help your company increase productivity, decrease presenteeism, and improve corporate wellness. The benefits of corporate health plans are efficient use of resources, increased productivity, and decreased health care costs. 

Corporate Health Checkups, or corporate health ‘checkups,’ are a great way to quickly scan the key areas of your corporate wellness. While corporate wellness is an ongoing process, corporate health checks provide you with an opportunity to assess areas that may require additional focus.

Health checks can help your business by:

  • Identifying health and safety risks in the workplace
  • pinpointing areas where corporate wellness initiatives may be needed
  • Tracking improvements in corporate health over time

A corporate health checkup typically includes a review of the following areas:

  • Physical environment
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Fire safety
  • Transportation and travel health
  • Annual flu shot campaigns, vaccine storage and handling. 

A corporate health checkup will also include a wellness review of key corporate initiatives that are working well. You can then share this information with your colleagues at the corporate level to drive forward improvements in corporate health on an ongoing basis.

The corporate health checkup is a great way to stay on track toward corporate wellness.